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   to all who participated in the 

           WV Geriatrics Society Annual Summit

January 20, 2022

Moving Forward

Just a few words and phrases heard during our first Virtual Summit:

· Stellar event!

· Great information today!

· Covid Stress Syndrome

· WV ranks 2nd in the nation in the number of older adults in poor health.

· Eating is meant to be a social activity.

· Be aware of how small actions serve everyone.

· Omicron is NOT a kinder, gentler Covid.

· Horrid times also create transformational change.

· Engaging speakers today!

· Stayed on schedule

· So glad you held this event this year and in this way.

· I learned so much today.


Bravo To Our Presenters!


Keynote Speaker, Dr. Clay Marsh


In order of Presenting:


Dr. Shawn Allen, MSW,LGSW

Samantha Byrd, MSW, LGSW

Thomas McIntosh, 2nd Yr Med Student

Dr. Robert Walker

Lisa Nord, RPh

CK Babcock, PharmD

Timothy Saar, PHD

Student, Intern, Resident Poster Competition Winner, Dr. Abraham Titus



Special Thanks to our



Dunbar Center

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